How to Make an Email in CorrLinks?

For you to communicate faster with the inmate inside the prison, you can ask him or her to give you an invitation in CorrLinks. It is an email program which allows prisoners to manage and setup their account at They are free also to send and receive messages anytime and anywhere with only 0.05$ per minute. If you want to setup too so you can email someone inside the prison, here are the steps:image 2

  • You need to learn first the inmate number. Once you don’t know, just browse the web site of Federal Bureau where you can find the number you are looking for. Just look there the entire name of the inmate and then which facility he or she is situated.
  • You also have to contact the admin of the CorrLinks to know in the event the selected inmates you wish to contact present an approved access in the system.
  • Should the inmate likes to connect with you, he or she has to add you on his or her own contact list. That is the best method you are permitted to mail and receive messages from the inside. This is as soon as the person authorizes your request. To additionally put you name on his or her list, the inmate submit your name over the admin via
  • Should you have already been approved, a Corrlinks inmate email is going to be sent on your email which contains a redirection of web link on It’s essential to sign up as a fresh user and create your personal user profile. Should you have your account right now, you obtain the privilege to block or allow inmates who desired to include You will only own 10 days to reply with their request. Immediately after 10 days the identification code given on the invitation will expire.
  • As soon as you are presently login, you need to start writing email for the inmate you prefer to speak to. Everything is going to be observed by just admins, all the email you send out and receive.

Go to login page now once you have your own account so you can start sending emails.

Gmail is for Everybody

One of the easiest ways to communicate right now is through email which can be economical if we use the free email program such as Gmail. As of the moment this email service is popular among individual people because it’s economical and very reliable. As of now thousands of users have been using Google mail and most of them are giving good feedback. Everybody is welcome to join this email provider. Signing up process is made simple for those who are not computer savvies. What makes Gmail stands out among others? You will find the answers to this question as you go on reading this blog.

  1. Switching to Gmail is made easier. The first thing you should do is go to Gmail sign up page and register an account to this service. After you have acquired your own account you can now import your contacts and important mails to your account. It’s never a hassle to change with Gmail.
  2. Lots of storage space for your emails. With their 10 GB free you can say that the storage is already unlimited. You can store as much important emails you have and arranged it through folders.
  3. You can access your account anytime you want and anywhere you are as long as you have the device and internet connection. You can login to your account using your mobile or tablet. So, in case you need to read an immediate email you can open it in real time.
  4. User friendly interface to all. The graphical interface is made easier for people to find where to compose, send or read emails on their account.
  5. You are updated time to time with the current news about sports, weather or what is happening on your area.

These are mostly what people are thankful about Gmail. Send email from gmail now if you create your own account.

Questions to Answer Before Creating Your Email ID

As you can see that creating an email address now is very important since it is not just use for communication purposes but as well as the unique identifier of users in certain websites such as social networking sites. Having a unique email address for each individual is not an easy task since there are considerations that you should put in mind. You may be pressured now because you still have no idea how to start your own one.  In this blog you read questions that you can ask to yourself to help you create an email ID easily.

How to easily remember your email ID?

We do not want our family, relatives or friends to forget what our email address because we created something with difficult combinations of words or numbers. We do not want to them to say “Who owns this sort of odd email ID?” That is why in this page it is advice to make your email address a little personal or close to you.

How to be safe from identity theft?

Even though putting something personal on your ID helps to be easily remembered by the people around you yet it is now wise when you reveal too much about yourself. This post says it’s better to select the information you want to reveal that you think is safe enough not to lure hackers.

How to create a unique one?

As all of email services rules, every person must have their own unique email ID. No two people have the same one because it is our unique identifier. Through this, we are challenged to think of how we can create an email ID that is not already taken by others. You start by listing down the combinations you want, alphabets and numbers on a paper. The more combinations you have the great the chances you can find a suitable one. Then, choose among those on the list you want to try.

Common Problems Why We Are Hacked or Scammed

There are many reported cases of being hacked or scammed through online. This is because the security of their account was determined by hackers or scammers. Where did you go wrong? Maybe this is because of how the password is set easily for them to know. There are people who are not very careful in this kind of private information. The role of password is to keep our personal and private information hidden from others such as bank account number or credit card information. That is why it is important that we set our password where no one can guess them easily. Here are some of the other problems that people usually encounter about passwords.

  1. Many people reuse their passwords. For example, the password on our Gmail account we reuse them on other websites that we sign up. The reason behind is for them not to forget and easily remembered. But there is a danger is this kind of setup. Once the hacker or scammer had already knew your password then he or she will have all the accessed on your private information.
  2. Using a simple password that can be easily remembered such as alphabets that has sequential patterns on the keyboard. Passwords like this can be easily guessed by hackers and scammers. If you want to use this password for convenience, you can mix it with numbers or symbols. In that way it is more secured.
  3. Writing down and storing the password on a place that is not secured. Some of us tend to write down on an account so that we will not forget about it until we mastered them. The best way is to find a secret place where it is not visible for others to see. Keep it a secret.

Now be careful on your most private information. Click here for more tips about creating online accounts.