Types of Heart Diseases

Heat disease is a common sickness of people because of our modern diets now. Diseases are accumulated easily because of what people eat and drink. Diseases that concern the heart usually involve many things. As a person, you need to know the different types for awareness. Just in case you have this condition, you know what type you have.

The disease refers to the different sections that are affected on your heart. It can be a problem in your heart valve or o the lining of your heart muscles. Here are the different heart diseases that a person can have:

  1. High Blood Pressure. Many people are not aware that this sickness is in line with the heart. It is a condition in which your artery walls caused a pressure and makes the heart beats faster and harder than the normal beating. It makes the heart fail to produce a blood over the body.
  2. Coronary Artery Disease. This is one of the most common heart diseases that kill many people. It occurs when your heart does not receive enough blood to pump and which cause you not to get enough oxygen on the body.
  3. Endorcarditis. It is a heart disease on the heart valve that occurs on the Endorcardium of the person. It is a membrane on the hearts valve that is affected. This disease is caused because of bacteria affected during surgery.
  4. Congestive Heart Failure. This occurs when the heart does not beat fast. This could be because the heart is too weak to function, damaged or lack of control during the circulation of blood. When there is lack of blood, your muscles and tissues are not also getting the right amount of blood needed as well as oxygen.

So, what type of heart disease do you have right now?