Application Steps for Child Support in Florida

How Florida help a divorced parent who has the custody of the child or children to get a financial help from the other parent? Visit the website The application is just simple. Just follow the steps below:image1

  1. Only navigate to the website of Florida Department of Revenue to get the application and details about child support. Fill in the application over the internet. You should also print the application in which you really need to sign it and deliver to the address.
  2. Choose the “full service” on the correct box found on the cover page. The whole service of Florida is needed in calculating the child support to locate the parents of this child, if separated.
  3. You must provide the children’s name together with the parents of each child on the application.
  4. You will have to print the form. Make sure that you have extra copies on the parent and Child Information Pages. This is exactly if there are more than a single child that is required the support of more than one parents. It’s possible to print the page simply by clicking the “Print” icon.
  5. You should also give your own private info for instance name, phone number, and identification detail. Only enter the info of your manager if you are the parent’s child. Be sure that you sign the page along with the date.
  6. It’s best not to forget the court order of the legal technique in child support, the contract involving the parent and then the other one as well as the parent’s paternity. If the child is not born in Florida State, attach the record of births of the child proclaiming he or she is born outside the state.
  7. Mail the form and the documents already stated on the Florida Child Support Office. In the event you don’t know, mail it to the Florida Department of Revenue.

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