Questions to Answer Before Creating Your Email ID

As you can see that creating an email address now is very important since it is not just use for communication purposes but as well as the unique identifier of users in certain websites such as social networking sites. Having a unique email address for each individual is not an easy task since there are considerations that you should put in mind. You may be pressured now because you still have no idea how to start your own one.  In this blog you read questions that you can ask to yourself to help you create an email ID easily.

How to easily remember your email ID?

We do not want our family, relatives or friends to forget what our email address because we created something with difficult combinations of words or numbers. We do not want to them to say “Who owns this sort of odd email ID?” That is why in this page it is advice to make your email address a little personal or close to you.

How to be safe from identity theft?

Even though putting something personal on your ID helps to be easily remembered by the people around you yet it is now wise when you reveal too much about yourself. This post says it’s better to select the information you want to reveal that you think is safe enough not to lure hackers.

How to create a unique one?

As all of email services rules, every person must have their own unique email ID. No two people have the same one because it is our unique identifier. Through this, we are challenged to think of how we can create an email ID that is not already taken by others. You start by listing down the combinations you want, alphabets and numbers on a paper. The more combinations you have the great the chances you can find a suitable one. Then, choose among those on the list you want to try.