The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Website

If you are not sure the location of a certain prisoner that you are looking, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a website where you can use for the searching. It contains not just the name but as well as the current location, criminal records and anything about the prisoner. Just make sure you know how to use the website. If not, here are the steps:image 1

  1. You will want to proceed first to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website. Locate the “General Information” link and next select the “Offender Information”. Once redirected in the page, you will choose the “Online Offender Search”. This is the fastest TDCJ Inmate Search.
  2. Basically input the offender information on the field given. You can either use a first name, the last name or the TDCJ number of the offender, sex, race and also the SID (State Identification Number). The greater number of details you input the more complete the result shall be. This implies fewer lists to look through.
  3. In case you want to seek a prisoner, it is easy to fill the information by hitting the “Record”. This offers you the details you must have. The details will normally include the entire name of the prisoner, the date of release, the race, age, SID, TDCJ number, the offender situated and the criminal background.
  4. You can communicate with the Department of Criminal Justice. You may contact 800-535-0283. They are going to entertain you anywhere between 8 am to 5pm on weekdays exclusively. Just present the SID, TDCJ number or the date of birth of the inmate.
  5. You could also find a prisoner through emailing that contains the name of the offender to be the subject in the You ought to present the name, TDCJ number and the birth date within the body to cause the inquiry convenient. If you are not clear on some details, you may show an estimate date along with the place where it is found guilty.

It’s a Free TDCJ Inmate Search feature you can use that is open to the public anytime they want to access it.